Hello and thank you for visiting my Efolio. My name is Kyle Augustine and I am currently a senior at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana. Holy Cross is a catholic institution that is a four year liberal arts college that offers a variety of majors and minors for students. This May I will be graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication.

I am from Osceola, Indiana which is about twenty minutes from Holy Cross. Growing up, I attended Saint Bavo from third grade to eighth grade. After my experience at Saint Bavo, I felt that that the Catholic education wasn't for me so I attended a public school called Penn High School. While at Penn, I felt that there were more opportunities for me in school and sports. I started playing rugby my freshman year and continued playing through my senior year. Rugby offered me a lot out of high school with colleges.  Growing up around the Notre Dame area, it was always a dream to play a sport for the Irish.  After my senior year of high school, I attended Holy Cross College and played rugby for Notre Dame.

While attending Holy Cross, my intentions where for me to stay for two years and then transfer to Notre Dame. After applying at the end of my sophomore year and not getting accepted, it was time for me to make decisions. I had first planned on transferring to Indiana University if it did not work out with Notre Dame, but after my sophomore year, Holy Cross wasn't just a college to me-it was another home. I had created friendships with students and rugby players that made me feel at home.

After weighing the pros and cons, Holy Cross had more to offer me. A major factor that influenced my decision was the classroom sizes. At Holy Cross, teachers know their students by name, which made me feel important to the institution- I wasn't just a number. Another key factor was the four pillars, around which Holy Cross bases its education. The four pillars are: Service Learning, Global Perspectives, Internship, and Capstone. After completing my service learning track, I knew this was the college for me. The four pillars help students to mature from freshman to seniors.  These pillars wouldn't have had a major influence on my college experience if weren't for the core competencies. Through the core competencies, students step out of their comfort zones to explore new subjects in life. I will go more in depth about them in my core competencies tab.

In my theme "everything happens for a reason," I feel that everything I have accomplished at Holy Cross will have a huge influence on where I go in life. Holy Cross was the right calling for me to expand on my mind, body, and spirit. Everything that I have done as young child to current date all has meaning behind it, and I believe that Holy Cross was the first step in the right direction.

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